Unleash The True Potential Of Your Money!

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify and automate finances for everyone. We want to give you control of your money so that you can plan your life well.

We want every individual to save more, earn more, plan wisely and achieve financial success.

We believe that intelligently designed systems and habits are more sustainable than time-bound goals. Like fitness, financial health is a lifestyle and not a goal. We are on a mission to build that lifestyle for everyone in a fun, interactive and automated way.

We are here to keep an eye on your money so that you don’t have to.

Who are we?

We are a team of hackers, designers, tinkerers and finance experts who are passionate about all money matters. We have learnt the hacks to financial freedom through our own experiences with money and we want to make those hacks accessible to everyone.

We see finances through an engineer’s eye and we want to automate the world of finance, starting with money, bills, investments, insurance, and eventually everyone’s life.

We love efficiency and we believe in making machines and money work. We train our machines so that they keep your money efficiently working for you.

How are we different?

Besides money, we are passionate about technology and design. We deliver to you the deep secrets of financial success on a super slick and elegant mobile app that is powered by bleeding-edge technology.

Our simple, elegant, pleasant and fun app is something you’d want to start your everyday with.

We take security and privacy very seriously. We’ve designed our app in such a way that you can flaunt it among your friends without exposing too many details.

We are looking for equally passionate all-rounders to join us on our mission. Drop us an email at dev@rico.app to know more about us. We’d be happy to know you and discuss with you about the big vision we have!